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Lenok (LG G Watch R) is a large round black steel watch that is very well supported. It has a lot in commmon with Bass, but is easier to repair so is an easy recommendation.

Warning: dory (LG G Watch) and lenok (LG G Watch R) are confusingly named but are two entirely different watches.


Lenok is a fairly large steel-cased watch with an angular design. It includes a heartrate, compass and pedometer sensor. It is very similar to bass (LG Watch Urbane), but adds a compass, looks far less conventional and is held together with screws instead of glue. The watch seems to be available only in a black steel design, and all lenok take 22mm straps.


The back of the watch is held on by 4 torx t4 screws, but there is a fragile gasket adhered to the back panel which you will need to be careful with. Parts are commonly available. You will likely need to replace the battery when buying these watches as they are getting quite old.

Part Commonly sold as
Battery BL-S3

Miscellaneous hardware docs

Manually getting to fastboot

During the first seconds of the boot process, swipe diagonally across the screen. Starting from the top/left outer edge of the screen to the bottom/right.