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Dory (LG G watch) is a medium-sized rectangular watch and is one of the first two watches to run Android Wear. The display has not aged particularly well, but the port is very complete.

Warning: dory (LG G Watch) and lenok (LG G Watch R) are confusingly named but are two entirely different watches.


Dory is a fairly simple rectangular watch with a compass. The watch lacks any external buttons, so all interaction is done through the touchscreen. The display is an LCD with a low resolution, making it neither power efficient nor nice to look at. All dory take 22mm straps.


The back of the watch is held on by 4 Torx T5 screws, and water resistance is achieved with a gasket, so repairs are easy. Parts are available. You will likely need to replace the battery when buying these watches as they are getting quite old.

Miscellaneous hardware docs


Dory has a 'reset button' accessible by sticking a pin through a hole in the back. This key is exactly the same as the main power button on any other watch.

Manually getting to fastboot

During the first seconds of the boot process, swipe diagonally across the screen. Starting from the top/left outer edge of the screen to the bottom/right.