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6 July 2023

5 July 2023

2 July 2023

17 June 2023

  • curprev 22:1022:10, 17 June 2023Beroset talk contribsm 20,236 bytes +21 add category
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  • curprev 15:0315:03, 17 June 2023MagneFire talk contribs 20,499 bytes +20,499 Created page with "<p>An AsteroidOS hardware adaptation layer consists of:</p><ul><li>OpenEmbedded recipes describing the compilation of the various HW adaptation components. </li><li>An appropriate vendor kernel able to boot the watch’s SoC and including the required drivers.</li><li>A set of Wear OS’s proprietary binary blobs used through libhybris in order to access some of the Android’s HALs.</li><li>Some middleware configuration files to use your HW adaptation.</li></ul> == Crea..." Tag: Visual edit: Switched