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Sturgeon (Huawei Watch) is a small round fashionable watch. Sturgeon is very common, looks quite attractive and is well supported so is generally the go-to recommendation.

Warning: This watch is often confused with the Huawei watch GT series. These are not capable of running a full version of linux and so will likely never run AsteroidOS.


Sturgeon is a small round watch with a steel case and a sapphire-covered OLED display that is difficult to scratch. Some variants to exist, with versions in black, gold or even with swarovski crystal. The watch has a single button, with heartrate and step counting sensors and the addition of a speaker that is useful for taking calls. The usb cable is known for being frustrating to align and also commonly suffers form cracking and discoloration due to low quality cable sheathing, but beware buying aftermarket cables as many only provide charging without data. Despite its age, it isn't much worse than newer watches and is mainly missing out on features such as GPS or a compass. All sturgeon take standard 18mm straps.

Repair and customisation

The watch is held together with 4 t2 screws and seems to use plastic compression to achieve water resistance, so there is no glue to negotiate. Batteries are available as hb442528ebc and are fairly common. You will likely need to replace the battery when buying these watches as they are getting quite old.

Miscellaneous hardware docs

Manually getting to fastboot

Press and hold the power button when the manufacturer bootlogo appears, until the vibration finishes. Release the button and press it again quickly. The time frame for this method is short and might need several attempts. Some users report that repeated power button presses already during the vibration helps.