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Pike (Polar M600) is a sport-focused watch with a unique square design. The port is currently crippled by broken bluetooth, but most other features work.


The polar M600 looks like an oversized FitBit, with a small square 240px screen and a massive Polar logo on the front, and a button at the bottom. The strap is made of a quality silicone and wraps around the entire body of the watch. While the strap is not at all standard, coloured replacements are available.


The watch can be opened as follows:

  1. Remove the watch body from inside the strap
  2. Undo 4 torx t5 screws on the back
  3. Remove two pins from the ends of the watch body. Push these out with a thin tool in the direction indicated by back of the arrows. Push the pins out from the left if you have the watch facing away from you.
    make sure you replace these pins when reassembling. They are important for the structural rigidity of the watch. Reinsert them from the side you remove them, which will be the side indicated by front of the arrows.

Parts do not seem to be common.

Miscellaneous hardware docs


The button on the side of the watch is the power button The button on the front has an LED under it. Neither the button nor the LED are used under AsteroidOS.

Manually getting to fastboot

Hold the front button while pushing the side button to power on the watch. Continue holding the front button until a menu appears, navigate this with short and long presses of the side button.