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Nemo (LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition) is a large round watch with LTE. The port is currently a work in progress.

Warning: The LG Watch Urbane is a separate watch, see bass


Nemo is large round watch with a steel case. This was the first android wear watch with cellular networking. The watch can be opened to reveal a SIM card slot.

Repair and customisation

The back of the watch is held on by glue, which means that disassembly will impact water resistance and is somewhat frustrating. Replacement housings-display modules and batteries are commonly available. You will likely need to replace the battery when buying these watches as they are getting quite old.

SIM card

Getting to the SIM card requires a special triangular tool with three pins. Use this tool to rotate the back cover counterclockwise to the 'unlock' position and it should fall out. When reassembling, rotate the back cover in the clockwise direction.


The straps on nemo are not standard and contain antennas, which allows the watch to have a steel case while keeping cellular functionality. These straps are held in with screws that go through the lugs. Due to the thin plastic around the brass inserts in the straps, the straps may crack and no longer mount securely to the watch.

Straps are rare and expensive due to the fact that they contain antennae. There are two known variants:

  • rubber/plastic composite. These are most common and come in black or white.
  • rubber/plastic with leather on outside. These straps are even more rare than the standard straps.

Miscellaneous hardware docs


The center key is the power button. The top and bottom keys map to volume up and down respectively.

Manually getting to fastboot

Hold the lower button before and while powering on the device from power off state until the fastboot menu appears. Powering on can be either done by pressing the power button or by connecting a powered USB cable.