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Minnow (Moto 360) is the first round watch to run WearOS.

Warning: The Moto 360 is the only watch supported by AsteroidOS using a TI SoC. Support is labelled 'experimental' because of graphical glitches and bad support for shaders. It presents various limitations for a daily usage but is enough to get an overall overview of AsteroidOS.


Minnow is the first round watch to run WearOS, so it is quite an experimental device. The display is an LCD with a flat tyre with an otherwise nearly bezel-less design. The back features a heartrate sensor and charging is wireless. The straps of the watch fit inside the casing, but are standard 22mm. Other 22mm bands may not fit due to shape of the cavities.

Getting USB

The USB pads are accessible after removing the 'lower' strap and then peeling up a sticker. From left to right, the pads are as follows: 5V, Ground, Data -, Data +, shield (you don't have to connect shield). There is a 3d printed dock available at [add link].


Minnow comes apart in a very unique way that involves no screws, but also should not compromise water resistance. It is strongly recommended Start by removing the straps, then find the 4 wedges that slide into the sides of the strap cavities. These will need to be removed by grabbing them with tweezers or a bent pin. Once all four are removed, the back half of the watch should come out from the front of the watch. You will likely need to replace the battery when buying these watches as they are getting quite old. The curved glass back on most minnows seems to crack over time, likely due to the plastic frame flexing under stress from the straps. There's no real way to fix this, and it will likely compromise water resistance

Miscellaneous hardware docs

Getting to fastboot