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Beluga (OPPO Watch) is a large rectangular watch with a lot of features.

Warning: The OPPO Watch Free is not supported! See the list on the porting Status page to find out if your model is supported.


Beluga is a large rectangular watch with a (side) curved OLED display, fairly large amount of sensors and a good vibration motor. The casing of the watch is relatively thin, making it easier to tuck under the sleeves. The watch uses a proprietary watchband mechanism for which one can buy adapters so standard 22mm straps can be attached.


NFC support causes graphical glitches, so it has been disabled for now.

Repair and customisation

The back of the watch is held on by glue, which means that disassembly will impact water resistance and is somewhat frustrating.

Miscellaneous hardware docs


There are two hardware buttons located on the right of the watch.

The bottom button is used to power on or hard reset the watch. The top button can be used to wake/sleep the watch from AsteroidOS. This button is also used to navigate through the boot menu. Beluga is unconventional because the power button used in AsteroidOS is not the one used to power on the watch.

Manually getting to fastboot

When the watch is unlocked you can easily enter fastboot by pressing the upper right hardware button during the bootup of the watch. This will make the watch enter a boot menu. Using the top button to cycle through the list. Once "Fastboot" is selected press the bottom button to boot to fastboot.