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A calendar app, with support for adding events. Each event has a name and an event time. Switch days by swiping left and right. View events for a given day by tapping on the date. Add new events from the day view by tapping the plus (+) button. Edit events by tapping on the event. Switch back to the overview by tapping at the top of the screen or swiping down. Switch months by tapping at the top of the screen in the overview.

The calendar does not automatically sync to your smartphone calendar. However, you can sideload and import .ical exported calenders using icalconverter import test.ics -d on the watch.

To get that .ical out of Nextcloud, use:

curl -o test.ics -u USER:PASSWORD "http://[IP-ADRESS]/remote.php/dav/calendars/[USER]/[CALENDAR-URI]?export"

Alarm Clock

An alarm clock app, which can support multiple repeating alarms.

Swipe left and right to view different alarms. Tap the plus (+) icon to add a new alarm. If you have any alarms set up, you can find the plus (+) icon by swiping to the end of the list. Alarms can be set to repeat on a given day of the week, or to trigger once. You can enable or disable an alarm by tapping the checkbox, change the time of the alarm by tapping the alarm's time, change the repetition by tapping the repetition text, and delete the alarm by tapping the trash icon.

A non-repeating alarm will disable itself after triggering. You can set it to trigger once again by enabling it.

When an alarm is triggered, you can dismiss it by tapping the tick icon, or snooze it for five minutes by tapping the 'zzz' icon or pressing the power button. The alarm will also automatically snooze after 30 seconds of ringing and will dismiss itself after three automatic snoozes.


A simple calculator app.


A 2048 style game. Swipe diagonally to move all tiles in the direction of your swipe, colliding tiles of the same numeric value will add together. The game ends when the screen fills with tiles and there are no more moves left.


A simple 'flashlight' app that turns your watch screen white. Toggle the 'flashlight' by tapping the screen.


A controller for music playing on your phone. The app shows the current track title and artist, and allows you to play and pause, skip tracks and adjust volume.


A settings app.


A simple stopwatch app.


A simple timer app.

When a timer is triggered, you can dismiss it by tapping the tick icon or repeat the timer by tapping the repeat icon.


A weather app which shows up to 5 days' worth of data.

The app gets data from a paired device. If you are unable to pair your watch to a smartphone, it is possible to use Beroset's Asteroid-Weatherfetch to fetch data by connecting your watch to the internet.

Preinstalled on some watches

These applications will only come on watches that have appropriate hardware. They can also be installed on watches without the correct hardware, but may not work correctly.


A basic compass app, which shows cardinal directions around the perimiter and a numeric heading in the middle of the screen.

Heart Rate Monitor

A basic application that shows the current reading from the heartrate sensor. The previous reading is shown with an arrow to the left of the current reading. This will move to indicate whether the current reading is lower or higher than the previous.

Make sure to have your watch strapped firmly to your wrist in order to get the best reading. However, do not overtighten it beyond what is comfortable.